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Frequently Asked

What is Eyetess?

We are a Singapore company that places eye health as one of the priorities in health checks. We partner with optical centres with Fundus cameras to take eye fundus photographs. We then grade to determine if the person is free from the following four major eye diseases: 1. Diabetic Retinopathy (DR) 2. Cataract 3. Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) 4. Glaucoma These diseases may cause severe eyesight problems and even blindness.

What will be done during the eye screening?

Your eyes will be photographed using the fundus camera. This procedure only takes about 5 minutes, and there will not be any pupil dilation eye drops utilised.

When will I know the results after getting my eyes photographed?

We will notify you by 7 working days after you have taken your eye photographs.

What will my results show?

The eye screening results will classify your eye as normal (free from four major eye diseases) or not normal. For normal results, we will remind you for another eye screening 6 months later. For not normal results, we will arrange for an appointment for you to visit our specialist for further diagnosis/treatment.

Who are the specialists included in your panel?

We will inform you after arranging an appointment. Our specialists are experienced with many years in the ophthalmology field. If the appointment we have arranged is not suitable for you, you may wish to call them to make changes.